The Blackhawks Strike First

After closing out the Minnesota Wild in 5, the Chicago Blackhawks welcomed the Detroit Red Wings to the United Center where they played one of, if not their best game in the playoffs so far.


Marian Hossa started off the scoring on the power play half way through the first period after receiving a pass from Selke finalist Jonathan ToewsDamian Brunner of the Red Wings would respond just 2 minutes later. Heading into the second period tied at one a piece, the Blackhawks continued to pressure Detroit goalie Jimmy Howard, firing on all cylinders. Even Howards spectacular 38 save effort was no match for the Hawks dominance as their long rest from the first round paid off.


It was in the third period where Johnny Oduya and Marcus Kruger of the Hawks scored just over 3 minutes apart giving their team a 3-1 lead. Patrick Sharp sealed the Red Wings end, netting an empty net goal in the final minutes. Corey Crawford would only have to make 20 saves as he earned his 10th playoff win.


This was the 75th all-time playoff game between the Blackhawks and Red Wings. We’ll look to see how Detroit will respond next game as both teams will have two days of rest. The Wings will not want to go down 2 games against the highly skilled Chicago team. Game 2 will be back in Chicago for Saturday afternoon.

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Within 1938 this Dark Hawks

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